Brunswick Landing Marina

“Life begins where your comfort zone ends”—Anonymous

Today did not challenge one’s comfort zone.  We did that a few days ago.  Today was a leisurely trip up the intracoastal from Amelia Island (boy, what a nice town!), Florida to Brunswick, Ga.  Yes, one had to pay strict attention to the shallow navigable centers of the little tributaries that make up the “ditch” but it was fun seeing dolphins inside and we were always on the lookout for manatees, which are supposedly prevalent here.

As I think we mentioned before, Brunswick Landings marina is an old hurricane hole used by the Navy years ago.  Today, it’s one of the few real four star marina’s with some 500 plus yachts here, and free everything (except dockage) which is very reasonable.  Even beer and wine, laundry, bicycles and frequent pot luck dinners (there’s one tonight!) are free.  There’s  whole town living on their boats here, year around!

A big advantage is that there are considerable marine services here…nice not to have to hunt for knowledgeable  people!

It’s impossible to express my real gratitude for the crew who helped make this trip for Mystic and me from Portsmouth, RI to Brunswick:  Bob Smith, Bill Derrah, Kate Campion, (Team I) and Loren Thompson, Tim McKenna, and Chris Connor (Team II).  And I want to thank all who referred these accomplished sailors and now, good friends to me.  Terrific people, all.  I’m honored to have your collective skill on board.

And thank you, Kim, for receiving the pictures and videos of Mystic and crew underway and on shore.  Almost as tough sailing as the gale we encountered on the ARC USA.  When all pics are received and posted it will recall an exciting trip, well executed.

What’s next?  Not sure, yet.  Trip to Sarasota; Christmas in Chicago; Sailing around the area for New Year’s; trip to Sedona and the Classic Car Auction by Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale late in January, and then who knows…maybe to the Bahamas.  Another ARC Rally?  Any advice?

As my friend, Janet would say…”Don’t sit down too soon!”

On the move….Don



3 thoughts on “Brunswick Landing Marina

  1. Hi Don and all,

    I have so enjoys this adventure with you. Thanks for the daily stories. Such special memories for you all. I have looked forward to the daily emails and have learned about the challenges and fun. You are all a great team. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

    • Hi Claudia: Glad you enjoyed it. It was a challenging run particularly because we were at facing into the Gulfstream. But once we got south of Cape Hatteras, the waves calm down a bit although the wind continue to increase. All in all, it was a terrific run with swell crew and we all enjoyed it very much. Thanks for following us! Don

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  2. Don. Good to hear the latest. And, very happy to hear you are coming to Scottsdale for The Barret Jackson event in January. I Will be at my home in Phoenix then and You are most welcome to stay with me. I have a guest suite with your Name on it And a car for your use. Please take me up on this. I am located about one mile north oh the Arizona Biltmore. Look forward to your response. Will be in Chicago til 12/27 then to Phoenix til mid Feb. hope to see you in Chicago as well-your home group meeting perhaps. Harve

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